Each title in the B Beyond Book (formerly Beyond Black) series is dedicated to specific, high-end industry – from assett management to superyacht design.

The Americas: Top Architects and Designers (2019)

We have dedicated this annual edition on cutting edge architecture and design to The Americas. In so far as architecture and design at their best are an art form in themselves, our appreciation of each is based on individual aesthetic sensibilities. This in turn informs the different styles and approaches presented in every Beyond Black edition. As ever, we trust the reader will enjoy taking a whirlwind trip around projects across The Americas.

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Best-in-Class Surgeons (2019)

Our sophomore title in a plastic surgery series for the consumer market is focused on the cutting-edge and pre-eminent cosmestic procedures for the entire body. Featuring articles by the world’s leading aesthetic and plastic surgeons today.

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The BBeyond Bible: The Best of the Best (2018)

When we conceived the project of the BB Bible: The best of the best, our only objective was to include the truly inspirational rather than what is simply beyond the reach of most people. Avoiding ubiquitous high end brands, we give instead a platform to what we consider of lasting value and beauty.

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Design Icons (2018)

This year’s edition on architecture and design in the Beyond Black series is titled Design Icons. Rather than focusing on landmark buildings around the world, we have invited participants from different continents to offer their own definition of “iconic” and to identify their project or projects that best fit that definition.

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Supertravel & Rejuvenating Retreats (2017)

This edition is focused on retreats like no other: from a private island to a yacht; from tropical villas to urban rejuvenation hubs; from resplendent private homes to spas that take wellness to a whole new level…

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Designscapes (2017)

This edition was conceived as a pictorial ‘walkabout’ through the rich architecture and design landscape of the world, hence its title, DESIGNSCAPES. In as much as architecture is an art form in its own right, and given its continual and collaborative interaction with other art forms, we have also included profiles of a few international art advisories.

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The Road Less Travelled (2017)

This specially curated travel edition, one of many in the Beyond Black series, is for those who prefer the road less travelled and who understand that none of us will get to see all the wonders of the world in a single lifetime. So why not make each journey different and new and see where that road takes us?

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Dissecting the Facelift (2016)

This book offers prospective plastic surgery clients, for the first time ever, the scientific rather than the marketing rationale for choosing a surgeon and/or a procedure, bridging the consumer and academic sides in the process. ‘Dissecting the Facelift’ is styled as individual essays by 20 participating surgeons who make a case for a specific technique they have developed and/or perfected/modified and published papers on.

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Fabulous Interiors & Architecture Designs (2016)

In this book we have tried to capture the essence of different winning styles of architecture and interior design around the world. We have attempted to elicit, through conversations with practice founders, the guiding principles of contemporary design.

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The Suite Life (2015)

The Suite Life is for those who find and take the time to celebrate life through the unique enjoyment of travelling in great style – those who understand that, while reaching the destination is not the be all and end all, the destination (or departure point, as the case often is with people who are often on the move) represents an important choice.

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Beyond Indulgence (2014)

This 120 page, 44 feature coffee table book features some of the world’s most indulgent destinations, from exceptional boutique hotels to exclusive private retreats. Beyond the limitations of a traditional ‘travel guide’, the book is characterized by its in-depth editorial style, compiled by dedicated international travel writers, and beautiful accompanying photography.

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Plastic Surgery and the World’s Top Clinics (2010)

This book offers an overview of cosmetic surgery and profiles a number of the world’s top surgeons. Yet it is not concieved of as a directory: much of it has been authored by medical doctors and aims to equip the reader with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.

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Beyond Beauty (2009)

We, as consumers, are constantly pushing the boundaries of physical enhancement beyond mere attractiveness and into the realms of perfection. There exists a massive and ever-evolving industry that caters to our obsession with everlasting youth and beauty. Can these be attained?

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Superyachts and Privileged Lifestyles (2008)

This book is a not a superyacht marine directory, nor is its purpose to simply showcase the most expensive vessels roaming the oceans today. We are looking at the changing face of the world’s marinas, compelled to develop new facilities for these giants of the seas.

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The World of Exclusive Retreats and Estates (2008)

This book is not a directory of grand hotels, nor a compilation of travel reviews. As with all other Beyond Black publications, we have sought to distinguish ourselves from the rest in any given genre by offering the reader not a bewildering choice of travel destinations, but a small selection of what we think is consistently outstanding in different parts of the world.

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Wealth: The Most Exclusive Private Banks and Financial Institutions (2005)

This book endeavours to capture the diversity of the modern private banking sector by pulling a range of 40 or so private banks and wealth/asset management officer representing all types and size.

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