Our Books

B Beyond Books has been publishing for more than a decade.

Dedicated to Excellence

We focus on a specific high end industry for each of our titles, showcasing the very best that each has to offer.

Our intent is for our books to be display pieces – whether in a corporate, hospitality and private setting.

The ultra-large, leather bound, embossed format is perfect for any coffee-table. Alternatively, books can be displayed as a collection with their shared cover design.

What they say about our books.

Exclusive Distribution

B Beyond Books is part of a global media group that publishes BBeyond Magazine, the leading periodical for major influencers. We engage and interact with the individuals we profile in the magazine through a series of international private events and direct introductions.

Over the years, we have worked with world-renowned institutions and brands, as well as the exciting upcomers.

B Beyond Books is an engagement platform for the global 1%, and we distribute each of our books to a unique, proprietary database.