Bow: Katey Brunini Jewelery

Sample, pre-press copy available to view here.

‘For more than 30 years, designer Katey Brunini has been creating fine jewelry that embodies the power and grace of nature. Her collections explore the striking contrast of precious metals set with diamonds, pearls and rare gems alongside unexpected elements of wood, bone and coral.’

(Credit: K.Brunini Jewels)

In this coffee-table monograph, Brunini intimately explores her creative vision through personal, philosophical and cultural discourse.

Over 100 pages, beautifully illustrated with images of her unique jewelry, Brunini takes us on a journey of her artistic journey through four collections. From these is revealed a wondrous perspective on the universe, and the mysterious connections of life itself, which are embodied and realised through the practice of this art-form.

Currently in pre-press, to be published in mid-2024.