A Publishing Imprint for Exceptional Books

B Beyond Books is a publishing imprint for exceptionally high end coffee table books.

We publish distinctively and identically bound editions as a collectible B Beyond series.

Each edition is dedicated to a specific high end industry, with varied content and interview profiles.

What Makes Us Different

Our focus is on exceptional individuals: philanthropists, collectors in the broadest sense, new tech entrepreneurs, environmentalists, game changers.

We distribute our books and magazine to this eco-system of discerning individuals, as well as to a proprietary database of corporate partners.

We engage with our eco-system through interviews and private events in different locations around the world.

We offer direct introductions via our SP program.

Our database is dynamic in the sense that we add to it all the time.

Our editions have a strong digital and social media presence and are regularly updated.

We can publish and distribute spectacular coffee table monograph books on niche brands. Contact us for details.